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The Nordic Women and Data Summit (NWD Summit) is envisioned as an annual event bringing together the community of women data practitioners to share ideas, discuss ways to harness the full potential of data and accelerate data- and AI-innovation across organisations.

On stage, we are bringing some of the most forward thinking female data practitioners of different positions and responsibilities in organisations from both private and public sector in the Nordics, covering topics that will provide a holistic approach to value creation of data and information, and turning this information to action.

The NWD Summit is a place for all women practitioners working with Data Management, Analytics, Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, IOT and Artificial Intelligence.

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Who should attend

The NWD Summit is tailor made for any female data practitioners and organisations working with:

Data-Driven or AI-Driven Business Strategy
or utilisation of

Why attend

Why is it important

It goes without saying that there is a deficit of talent and gender inequality in data practice across domains and industries, an issue that we want to remedy by creating a community platform for female data practitioners and organisations to recognise and foster female talent.

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ceo of sparks

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Group data analytics manager at intrum

For over 20 years, Dacil has worked within the field of analyzing data and transform it into insights. Today, she is responsible for driving Advanced Analytics within Intrum Group. Her team of Data Scientists and Data Analysts works all across Europe, improving the efficiency of the current processes, implementing new ways of working and are an important player in the launch of new products to the market. This is done by applying analytics, from simple algorithms to advanced AI, whatever is most cost efficient, always with ethics and compliance as a guidance.

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retail industry lead at teradata

After 25+ years in the retail industry I changed my path to the IT industry. From business to business development based on data and analytics. With my extensive experience in sales, marketing, e-commerce and customer loyalty I guide customers in their digital transformation. Im the analytical translator guiding customers in how to transform their business by recommending how to over come business problems through data and sophisticated analytics. How to deliver on their strategic business vision in a step-by-step approach.

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people expert & doer at doings by house of impact


people expert & doer at doings by house of impact

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Data analyst at izettle

Farnaz is a part of the Data Analytics team at iZettle. She holds a master degree in computer science and has done Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing prior to her current role at iZettle. Farnaz is a board-member of PinkProgramming organization which aims to inspire and educate women to enter the IT industry.

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business strategist at solita

Anna has a computer science and business background, having studied Operations Research (M.Sc. Econ) and worked in various roles within systems development for 15 years. She repatriated to Finland five years ago, having spent a decade as a management consultant in London. After working in industry for five years, Anna recently gave into the call of consulting and joined Solita, a Finnish technology, design, and strategy consultancy.

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founder and ceo of womenhackcph

Empower and encourage women to be more active and engaged with tech community via hackathon events

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Co Founder and Director Level Consultant of innovation360 group

Agnes Sävenstedt’s expertise is in how to establish innovation as a habit in the organizations she works with. She is a Co-Founder of Innovation 360 Group, whose mission is to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges.

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Head of New Product, Data Insights, division x at Telia Company

Elin has +15 years of international experience across Telecom and IT software sectors working for multinationals such as Microsoft, Hutchison Whampoa before joining Telia Company in 2015. She has a background in product management, business development and incubation sales for retail, IoT and public sector. Today Elin heads up Telia’s Division X New Products portfolio team for data insights products and is a regular speaker at industry events.

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Innovation and Change manager, AI Centre of Excellence at Telia Company

Elena Kell is an Innovation and Change manager with a passion for exponential tech, diversity and sustainability. Elena co-leads AI Center of Excellence and drives AI/ML initiatives in Telia Company. Elena is involved in the work with operationalizing principles for ethical and trusted AI, future skills training for employees and other initiatives. She is an ambassador for Sweden for the global non-profit “Women in AI” working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society with the mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI.

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Senior Data Scientist at axel johnson

Celine works as a senior data Scientist at Axel Johnson group, responsible for inspiring and supporting the companies within the group to develop and execute the advanced analytics, and applied AI capability.

Celine is passionated about applying ML/DL algorithms and new technologies to improve companies’ business performance and to steer companies to a more data-driven way.


Product owner | data science team at Connected Intelligence Scania

Sara has 10+ years’ experience of analytics within the manufacturing industry and has therefore acquired knowledge about the processes and methods you must master before you can create value with big data analytics at a traditional company. On this conference, she will talk about how she has lead a project with a cross functional team enabling business to take data driven decisions utilizing a modern, scalable data pipeline.

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director of ai engineering at graphcore

Ellie has 15 years experience building data-driven solutions in engineering organisations. She is a particle physicist by training, having worked as part of the Higgs discovery team at CERN. She has worked for the past decade for software companies in variety of industries, but with the focus on the application of advanced analytics and digitalisation to engineering disciplines. She is currently a Director of AI Engineering at GraphCore, a British company that has developed a new processor to support new breakthroughs in machine intelligence.

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Registration, breakfast and mingle


Chairwomen’s Opening Remarks

/> Linda Borelius – CEO of Sparks & Dacil Ullman – Group Data Analytics Manager at Intrum


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MAKING INNOVATION A HABIT – and how to navigate strategic uncertainty

/> Agnes Sävenstedt – CoFounder and Director Level Consultant of Innovation360 Group


Open and Round table Discussions: AI Innovation, Ethics and Diversity – How is your organisation working with these topics


Coffee & Networking


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Towards diversity one woman at a time

/> Maria Ovchinnikova – Founder and CEO of WomenHackCPH


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Morning Panel: AI Innovation, Ethics and Diversity

/> Elena Kell – Innovation and Change manager, AI Centre of Excellence at Telia Company; Katarina Hansson – Retail Industry Lead at Teradata; Anna Metsäranta – Business Strategist at Solita


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AI in the real world – combining the best of tech with the best of humanity

/> Elin Allison – Head of New Product, Data Insights, Division X at Telia Company


Light lunch


Round Table Discussions: Diverse Themes


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Excited to innovate through data? But, do you have a Business Case?

/> Katarina Hansson – Retail Industry Lead at Teradata


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Creating sustainable value with AI

/> Anna Metsäranta – Business Strategist at Solita


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The Importance of Human Onboarding in Data and AI Driven Transformation

/> Lena Noaksson & Gustav Roth – People Expert & Doer at Doings by House of Impact


Coffee & Networking


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Innovation Panel: Bridging the Gaps between Business, Data Science and IT

/> Celine Xu – Senior Data Scientist at Axel Johnson; Sara Sylvan – Product Owner | Data Science Team at Connected Intelligence Scania; Ellie Dobson – Director of AI Engineering at GraphCore


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A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist – DataDriven marketing attribution model, the power of Game theory

/> Farnaz Motamediyan – Data Analyst at iZettle


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From prototype to production: how to build data-driven solutions for engineers that stick

/> Ellie Dobson – Director of AI Engineering at GraphCore


Chairwomen’s Closing Remarks and Networking Cocktail

/> Linda Borelius – CEO of Sparks & Dacil Ullman – Group Data Analytics Manager at Intrum

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Venue: Vasa Theatre

Located only one minute walk from the Central Station, Vasa Theatre is one of Stockholm’s first private theatres.

Vasagatan 19,
111 22 Stockholm