Improving player experience by experimenting in Candy Crush Saga

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Data Scientist


Anastasia uses analytics and data science to bring actionable insights to the game development teams building Candy Crush Saga. During the past 2 years, she worked on various new features in Candy Crush, designing, analyzing and helping to make data-informed decisions. She combines her background in Business and Computer Science to ensure the most comprehensive approach to provide impactful learnings for the optimal player experience.

Session Outline

Building games for hundreds of millions of players is a complex saga. Every new thing that you want to add to the game has to be thoroughly tested and has to fit perfectly in the complicated environment of the game so that overall player experience is improved. At King, we leverage analytics and data science to streamline experiment design, implementation, and analysis process. I will talk through the design of experiments and A/B testing process from a feature development perspective, give some examples of common pitfalls that could be avoided by careful planning and extensive monitoring.

Key Learning Points: