Innovation Panel

Bridging the Gaps between Business, Data Science and IT


Celine Xu

Senior Data Scientist at Axel Johnson

Celine works as a senior data Scientist at Axel Johnson group, responsible for inspiring and supporting the companies within the group to develop and execute the advanced analytics, and applied AI capability.

Celine is passionated about applying ML/DL algorithms and new technologies to improve companies’ business performance and to steer companies to a more data-driven way.

Sara Sylvan

Product Owner | Data Science Team at Connected Intelligence Scania

Sara has 10+ years’ experience of analytics within the manufacturing industry and has therefore acquired knowledge about the processes and methods you must master before you can create value with big data analytics at a traditional company. On this conference, she will talk about how she has lead a project with a cross functional team enabling business to take data driven decisions utilizing a modern, scalable data pipeline.

Ellie Dobson

Director of AI Engineering at GraphCore

Ellie has 15 years experience building data-driven solutions in engineering organisations. She is a particle physicist by training, having worked as part of the Higgs discovery team at CERN. She has worked for the past decade for software companies in variety of industries, but with the focus on the application of advanced analytics and digitalisation to engineering disciplines. She is currently a Director of AI Engineering at GraphCore, a British company that has developed a new processor to support new breakthroughs in machine intelligence.


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