AI and Insurance – How to Spark a Digital Transformation in a Traditional Industry

Liselott Johansson


greater than

Liselott Johansson is CEO and partner of the public company Greater Than based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has an extensive automotive experience after working with information and electronics for vehicles for more than 15 years and is passionate about digital transformation, sustainability and artificial intelligence. Being the head of Greater Than since 2008, she has steered the company from start-up to a well-renowned on the insurtech market, holding a leading position in developing artificial intelligence for auto insurance.

Session Outline

The insurance business is experiencing a rapid growth in new, groundbreaking technology. Telematics, IoT, AI and ML are making way for usage-based solutions, challenging the historical perception how insurance policy is created. But how do you convince a traditional industry to adapt their deep-rooted business models to your new technology?

The answer is: maybe you don’t. Maybe you just create new business model.

As CEO for Swedish insurtech-company Greater Than, Liselott has been at the steering wheel during the journey from small start-up to a substantial player in the growing insurtech market.

At Women in Data Summit, Liselott will share her story about how to take on digital transformation challenges and successfully manage a digitally driven business in a traditional industry based on the insights and experience gained from the journey with Greater Than.

3 key takeaways: