Digital Turbulence

Melissa Jenkins


Tele2 IOT

Melissa heads up the Product & Technology department and focuses on driving the innovation as well as development of solutions for IoT connectivity and the value-added services around it.

Melissa has been actively involved with M2M and IoT solutions across a wide variety of industries since year 2000, and worked for several telecom operators and blue chip companies. She understands the blend between complex communications technologies and the commercial reality of implementation and delivery. Her full stack experience covers a broad variety of fixed and wireless networking technologies and integration patterns.

Session Outline

How IoT is helping bridge the real and digital worlds?

Humans naturally see problems and try to solve them but computers don’t have any concept of the real world. Converting the real world into something they can understand is at the heart of IoT. When IoT is introduced – and thus big data – you suddenly have a completely different view on what is happening. For governments this could mean optimizing traffic light signalling or monitoring ecosystems, people movement or pollution. For businesses it could mean refining manufacturing processes or finding out that equipment isn’t delivering, which allows them to change their support models sooner, and in turn, become more service orientated…