Morning Panel

AI Innovation, Ethics and Diversity


Elena Kell

Innovation and Change manager, AI Centre of Excellence at Telia Company

Elena Kell is an Innovation and Change manager with a passion for exponential tech, diversity and sustainability. Elena co-leads AI Center of Excellence and drives AI/ML initiatives in Telia Company. Elena is involved in the work with operationalizing principles for ethical and trusted AI, future skills training for employees and other initiatives. She is an ambassador for Sweden for the global non-profit “Women in AI” working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society with the mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI.

Katarina Hansson

Retail Industry Lead at Teradata

After 25+ years in the retail industry I changed my path to the IT industry. From business to business development based on data and analytics. With my extensive experience in sales, marketing, e-commerce and customer loyalty I guide customers in their digital transformation. Im the analytical translator guiding customers in how to transform their business by recommending how to over come business problems through data and sophisticated analytics. How to deliver on their strategic business vision in a step-by-step approach.

Anna Metsäranta

Business Strategist at Solita

Anna has a computer science and business background, having studied Operations Research (M.Sc. Econ) and worked in various roles within systems development for 15 years. She repatriated to Finland five years ago, having spent a decade as a management consultant in London. After working in industry for five years, Anna recently gave into the call of consulting and joined Solita, a Finnish technology, design, and strategy consultancy.


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